Who’s Talking About the Future of Macroeconomic Policies

By iMFdirect

Open, wide-ranging, and balanced discussion. For Olivier Blanchard—and co-hosts David Romer, Michael Spence & Joseph Stiglitz—that was the goal of last month’s conference at the IMF on the future of macroeconomic policies after the global financial crisis. And it is exactly what they got.

The crisis was a wakeup call for theorists and policymakers… Economic models, policy tools, and how they are applied need to catch up with changes in the global economic and financial system.

 You’ve heard here about views from the conference, but there’s plenty of discussion going on outside the IMF. Here’s a snapshot….

  • By addressing the big questions, the IMF conference was “trying to stir a reexamination of mainstream macroeconomists’ framework – which largely ignored finance”.


Other conference-related posts:


Watch a video on the conference, New Ideas for a New World:


2 Responses

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  2. The problem is not to get wide-ranging views from the leading figures in each economic doctrine. The problem is to have new ideas on unsolved problems. I just wrote some of my views on adjustment policies within a monetary union (Euro Area) on this post:http://marques-mendes.blogspot.com/2011/04/should-imf-try-new-approach-in-portugal.html

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