Chris Jarvis

Chris JarvisChris Jarvis is the mission chief for Egypt and an Advisor at the International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia Department. He was previously in the IMF’s European Department where he led missions to Belarus and then Ukraine; and before that he was a speechwriter for Rodrigo de Rato and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former Managing Directors at the IMF. Mr. Jarvis has over twenty years experience as an IMF economist, working mostly on emerging economies. He is a U.K. national and before joining the IMF, he was at the U.K. Treasury. Mr. Jarvis was educated at Keble College, Oxford, Nuffield College, Oxford, and Yale University.

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  1. We read the news about negotiations between the Egyptian government and IMF over a loan of up to $12 billion. Such a loan will be a major burden of future generations of Egyptians. There was no community discussion, at all. We are worried about the soaring rate of borrowing in recent years.We don’t know the need for it, we don’t know what sacrifices we have to put to get that loan. We are against borrowing this loan.


    • On behalf of Chris Jarvis:

      “Thank you for the comments on this blog post. We in the IMF take social dialogue very seriously, and do all we can to hear a wide range of views. We are committed to this approach in Egypt as in other countries. We also aim in our financial support for our members to improve people’s living standards and protect the poor and vulnerable. Any program in support of Egypt would be guided by these principles.”

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